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BNR 193 - Reimerswaal

6000 m³ hopper dredger

Reimerswaal is a modern trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), developed according to the basic principles of flexibility, versatility and minimum maintenance. Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman and Kooiman Engineering, in collaboration with Reimerswaal Dredging, developed and built the vessel. It is the largest vessel the shipyard has built thus far.


Reimerswaal is 130 metres long and can dredge to a maximum depth of 60 metres. The hold has a total capacity of 6,000 m3. The integrated technology gives the vessel the capability of shore pumping, rainbowing, dumping (foreshore nourishment), dry unloading and stone dumping. Thanks to this innovative engineering plan, this vessel can be used in the dredging sector as well as the offshore sector.

The vessel was developed with the latest technology. At the core of the controls is the PLC system which can be operated fully and through touch screens at various locations on board. A multi-function seat is installed on the bridge, from which the officer on watch has the operation of 13 monitors at his fingertips, and thus a complete overview and control of the entire dredging or navigation process.


Dynamic Positioning (DP) is part of the standard equipment, which makes it possible to determine an almost precise positioning of the vessel. Thanks to the spud poles which are located on the fore and aft deck, mooring can be done from the helm chair, and a well-equipped quay is not necessarily essential. These spud poles have a range of 18 metres under the keel.


The dry discharge is realized using a bucket wheel system. This consists of a vertically erected excavator wheel with 12 buckets. This system removes a layer of material in both traveling directions from the hold with a capacity of 2,500 m3 per hour. The bucket wheel system dumps the material via an ingenious conveyor belt system on to a so-called shore conveyor. This shore conveyor has a dumping point of 48 metres outboard and a port-to-starboard slewing range of 300°. The height is also adjustable and the belt has a control gate mounted at the dumping point.

Ship type:

6000 m3 Hopper dredger


Main dimensions:

Length o.a. 130.25 m

Beam (mld) 22.00 m

Depth 9.80 m

Dredging draught 7.95 m


Propulsion System:

Main engines: 2 x MAN Diesel 8L27/28, 2720 kW

Bow thruster: Mitsubishi S16R-MPTA, 1170 kW


Auxiliary system:

Sand pump engine: 1 x ABC 12DZC, 2650 kW

Jet pump engines: 2 x Mitsubishi S12R-MPTA, 1190 kW

Generator sets: 1 x Mitsubishi S12R-MPTA, 1190 kW; 2 x Mitsubishi S6A3-MPTA, 400 kW

Emergency generator: 1 x Mitsubishi 6D16T, 105 kW


Auxiliary devices:

Navigation: DP Dynamic Positioning system

Accommodation: 13 cabins

Bow coupling

Bottom doors

Conveyer belt of 48 meters

Rainbowing up till 60 meters

bnr 193 Reimerswaal dredging 6000 m³ hopper dredger, maritime ship design and shipbuilding by Kooiman Marine Group KMG
bnr 193 Reimerswaal dredging 6000 m³ hopper dredger, maritime ship design and shipbuilding by Kooiman Marine Group KMG
bnr 193 Reimerswaal dredging 6000 m³ hopper dredger, maritime ship design and shipbuilding by Kooiman Marine Group KMG


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Because we have made work ships one of our specialties, we are highly experienced in the design and installation of deck equipment and auxiliary machinery. More information about dredging boats and Kooiman maritime design and newbuild.



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