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kooiman Marine group

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Kooiman Marine Group is a far-reaching combination of maritime expertise. Together with shipyards Gebr. Kooiman B.V., Kooiman Hoebee B.V. and Kooiman Van Os B.V., Kooiman Marine Group provides service with enthusiasm and technical craftsmanship to everything that sails or floats. Kooiman Marine Group jointly has a rich history and extensive experience in inland shipping, seagoing shipping, the fishing industry and harbour equipment. Kooiman Marine Group develops and builds new, customized ships, renovates existing ships, maintains and repairs damage to hulls, propulsion and other systems.

ship building and ship section newbuilding in production hall at Kooiman Marine Group


Kooiman Marine Group

Lindtsedijk 84

3336LE Zwijndrecht

(t) +31 (0)78-6100477

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