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Due to lack of space on board the ship to let customers sail and spend the night, modular accommodation units have been developed that can be placed on the deck. The execution has the same standard and finish as on board. The unit is equipped with a workspace with desk and chairs, a pantry with media entertainment system, two bunk beds, double wardrobes and a wet room with toilet, sink and shower. The space is very well insulated and equipped with heating and air conditioning.


Accommodation units are designed for intensive daily use. Kooiman Ship Interiors produces these custom interiors that meet the toughest requirements. Various interior layouts are produced and furnished, ranging from for example office, workshop, galley, medical bow or sleeping area.


In the design and layout of these units, much attention is given to the usability and ergonomics of the user. In addition, the importance of a pleasant ambiance in the room is also taken into account in the design. Robust and durable materials are chosen. The accommodation units are built according to the IMO guidelines and thus delivered to the customer.

ship TYPE:

Work ship


Activities performed:

Design and engineering of unit layout and interior

Design and materialization in collaboration with the client

Design drawings

Sawing and CNC milling

Laying floor, walls and doors

Thick insulation of floor, walls and ceiling

Installment of cv, electric and water

Assembly of furniture

Installation, decorating and finishing of unit

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product sheet

Interior possibilities for Kooiman Accommodation Units

Interior design and carpentry work Accommodation units by Kooiman Ship Interiors
Interior design and carpentry work Accommodation units by Kooiman Ship Interiors
Interior design and carpentry work Accommodation units by Kooiman Ship Interiors
Interior design and carpentry work project Erasmus MC Radiology cabinets by Kooiman Ship Interiors

Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Interior department Radiology

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bnr 192 Zwerver 3, multi-purpose dp-1 support vessel workship, ship design and ship build by Kooiman Marine Group

Because we have made ships one of our specialties, we are highly experienced in the design and installation of interiors and furniture. More information about ship interiors and Kooiman maritime design and new build.



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