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Kooiman ‘DE Biesbosch’ coupling winch

development and production of sturdy deck equipment

Kooiman coupling winches are well known in the European push towing sector. These coupling winches gained their name and reputation from Shipyard De Biesbosch in Dordrecht. Kooiman Marine Group has been producing and supplying this proven design for years now and if necessary, installing it on board.


The design, choice of materials and manufacture guarantee problem-free functioning and a long service life. Practically all parts can be supplied from stock. This allows overhaul, maintenance and modifications to be carried out fast.

coupling winch design and coupling winches production and repair by Kooiman Marine Group


Technical documentation

Coupling winch specifications:


Holding force:

Steel wire diameter:

Steel wire length:

Traction force with handwheel:

Traction force with ratchet:



25 tonne

18-20 mm

35 m

4 tonne

8 tonne



40 tonne

24-27 mm

37,5 m

4 tonne

9 tonne



60 tonne

30-36 mm

37,5 m

6 tonne

12 tonne

design of coupling winch and building of sturdy coupling winches at Kooiman Marine Group KMG The Netherlands

specification sheet Coupling winch

cover technical flyer Kooiman coupling winches

Kooiman Twin Speed Coupling

equipment detail twin speed coupling coupling winch Kooiman Marine GroupWith its new Kooiman Twin Speed Coupling, Kooiman Marine Group produces an inventive modification of the conventional De Biesbosch Coupling winch. The Kooiman Twin Speed Coupling increases ease of use and safety. Thousands of existing winches can be updated with the Twin Speed Coupling, so they can meet current safety requirements and working conditions again.


The Kooiman coupling winch (previously known as the Biesbosch coupling winch) is the most widely used coupling winch in European waters. It is sturdy, practical and indestructible, but also entails some safety risks when tensioning or easing off the wire. These safety risks are no longer acceptable these days, and the Twin Speed Coupling removes them.


With an extra drive, the wire can be tensioned with less effort. The winch can be eased under control, also under extremely high tension, with the Twin Speed Coupling.


The Twin Speed Coupling can be supplied as a complete winch, or as a separate unit (the Twin Speed Unit), to modify an existing coupling winch. The Twin Speed Unit can be mounted on board. With its sturdy construction, the Twin Speed Unit can withstand rough handling and it is fully sealed and thus impervious to dirt. Installing the unit does not make the winch any wider or longer. Even winches installed in tight spaces can be fitted with the Twin Speed Unit. The Kooiman Twin Speed Coupling and Twin Speed Unit can be supplied for 40 and 60-tonne coupling winches.




Advantages of the Twin Speed Coupling:

  • Wire is always eased off under control
  • Increased force transmission with reduced effort
  • Wire is wound up at equal speed
  • Wire runs out more easily
  • For extra safety, the winch can be fitted with a closed handwheel
  • Foot brake and separate ratchet lever are no longer required
coupling winch

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