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Dredgers are an important sector for the Kooiman Marine Group. We have many years’ experience in designing and building dredgers and other work ships. In the past years we have designed, built and converted split hopper barges, dredge pontoons and trailing suction dredgers.


Kooiman Marine Group supplies the following for the dredging sector:

  • Ship designs: trailing suction dredgers with or without dry unloading systems, dredge pontoons, split hoppers
  • Newbuild ships
  • Conversions
  • Dry unloading systems
  • Repair and maintenance of dredgers, pontoons, split hoppers
  • Repair and maintenance of dredging equipment

Trends in dredging

Due to internationalization, the hulls of complex vessels are now built in low-wage countries and then fitted out with all the technical and innovative components in the Netherlands. A new development is the conversion of existing ships, which can no longer perform their proper function profitably, into different functionalities, including dredging and sand extraction. Kooiman Marine Group is currently developing a conversion project of this type.

dredger and dredging activities

customized design and construction per sector


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