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The Ballast Water Management Convention of the IMO has entered into force. The convention was ratified on 8 September 2016. Over the coming five years, many vessels will have to be equipped with a ballast water treatment (BWT) system. Kooiman Marine Group is a technical partner for the efficient and effective installation of these systems. If required, we can advise on the decisions to be made, among other things. Kooiman Marine Group is not bound to one supplier.


We use a 3D laser scan to measure the available space on board in advance. Kooiman Engineering processes the data (pre-engineering) to assess whether the ballast water treatment system fits in the engine room or another space. Detailed engineering then takes place and the necessary piping can be prefabricated on the CNC bending machines. The necessary piping can be supplied in different materials, such as GRE, GRP, stainless steel, black steel or galvanized steel.


Kooiman Marine Group is highly experienced in the installation of equipment in existing spaces, adapting existing spaces and working with complex systems. We install at the shipyard locations and, if necessary in collaboration with a partner, we can install on board during a voyage. Of course, installation for vessels up to 150 metres can be combined with a slipway service. This limits loss of time as much as possible. After installation, technical service can be provided on board if necessary.

ballast water treatment development and implementation at Kooiman Marine Group

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