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Kooiman Marine Group is a company with a rich history, and our origins lie in a real family business. The working atmosphere is informal and open, and our organization is especially flat with short lines of communication. We also place great value on social interaction and fair policy. Because each shipyard concentrates on different types of customers with the relevant activities, you will experience the different atmosphere which belongs to each shipyard. Further integration of the companies and internal subcontracting of projects means our staff switch between companies increasingly often. Being there for each other really is one of the family values which is promoted throughout the entire organization. A lot is indeed possible, and we actively stimulate the input of new initiatives and solutions. But what characterizes this maritime group perhaps the most is a strong work ethic which is expressed mainly through working hard for the company and for the customer.


Careers at Kooiman Marine Group can start at different levels. Training requirements vary. At Kooiman Marine Group we employ many VMBO (pre-vocational secondary education) and MBO (upper secondary vocational course) graduates specialized in technology, through to engineers and academics. Kooiman Marine Group has options for internships and trainee places. We offer training opportunities and focus actively on internal career growth and development. For inland vessels in particular, the ship repair profession often needs to be learned on the job; there are many possibilities for this within the group. But if you have more affinity for the newbuild and renovation of vessels, those fields also offer numerous opportunities. Many skilled workers are permanently employed by the company so we can guarantee continual quality and certainty. All ages are represented. And that allows for the transfer of knowledge within the organization to occur in quite a natural way. The project-oriented nature of the activities means that we also work with self-employed persons and flexiworkers.


If you find these values and possibilities attractive, please contact our HR department for more information, and/or react to one of the job vacancies with a motivation letter including your CV.




Kooiman Marine Group

Lindtsedijk 84

3336LE Zwijndrecht

(t) +31 (0)78-6100477

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