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development and production of sturdy equipment

Kooiman Marine Group supplies equipment. Kooiman  equipment comprises many components which can be used in seagoing and inland shipping and push towing. The deck equipment and components include:


  • The Biesbosch anchor winches, coupling winches and components such as anchors, bollards, chains, etc.
  • Kooiman towing pins (Delta, Gamma and Omega pins)
  • Kooiman spud poles
  • Kooiman pile guides
  • Kooiman propeller shaft seals


Parts and standard products can be supplied from stock. We also supply used standard products and we overhaul your equipment.

designing, producing and repairing equipment and deck equipment at Kooiman Marine Group


Towing pins

technical documentation

anchor winches

technical documentation

coupling winches

technical documentation

Advantages of the Twin Speed Coupling:

‚Äčequipment coupling winch Kooiman Marine Group

  • Wire is always eased off under control
  • Increased force transmission with reduced effort
  • Wire is wound up at equal speed
  • Wire runs out more easily
  • For extra safety, the winch can be fitted with a closed handwheel
  • Foot brake and separate ratchet lever are no longer required


specification sheet Coupling winch

cover technical flyer Kooiman coupling winches

bow rudders

technical documentation

deck equipment

technical documentation

Pile guides

technical documentation

spud poles

technical documentation

propeller shaft seals

technical documentation

equipment propeller shaft seal Kooiman Marine Group

Kooiman propeller shaft seals Compact, simple, sturdy and effective. The seal is highly suitable for retrofitting and newbuild. With its integrated rope cutter, this seal also provides good protection for the propeller shaft.


A familiar problem: a leaking propeller shaft seal. Many years of experience in installing existing brands of propeller shaft seals induced Kooiman to develop its own propeller shaft seal. The rear seal is integrated with the rope protector. This creates an extremely short constructional length. The rope protector serves as housing for the outer seals. The space between the outer and inner seals is filled with grease. The grease buffer and extra outer seals greatly reduce oil leakage with respect to the existing seals, and the shaft does not come into contact with (salt) water. The labyrinth which is created prevents lines from touching the inner seals.


Kooiman has since built up a proven track record with the successful and satisfactory use of these propeller shaft seals. Kooiman propeller shaft seals consist of parts partly available on stock and partly of parts which are manufactured immediately in our own engineering works. The seals are made from high-quality materials such as bronze, stainless steel bushes with hardened top layer and Viton rubber lip seals.

Kooiman marine group stands for

Years of experience

High standard of quality

Wide range of services and skills

We have everything in-house

Specialist knowledge

our locations

Dordrecht - technical possibilities

Zwijndrecht - technical possibilities

Yerseke - technical possibilities

wide range of services

Craftsmanship and an eye for quality form the basis of ships made precisely to size, expert repairs and reliable maintenance.

thinking in terms of possibilities

Kooiman Marine Group displays its entrepreneurial mindset in the nautical sector. We are an independent group of multidisciplinary shipyards with a huge capacity for problem solving.

Contact a representative of our enterprise directly about the possibilities of  Kooiman Equipment.


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Contact person

Dick de Heer



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