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expert design, construction, maintenance and repair

Kooiman Marine Group has a large portfolio of extensive conversions and renovations of vessels. Refits, modifications, building in new systems and enlargements or widening are all possible. Within the group, Kooiman Engineering provides services for things such as design and engineering of newbuild ships and the conversion and modification of existing ships. In addition, there are many modern machines at the shipyards with CNC pipe fitting equipment and lathes. All disciplines can thus be performed independently by the company itself. Other specialized departments such as electrical engineering, HVAC and ship interiors also supply specific customized work for the group.

Kooiman marine group stands for

Years of experience

High standard of quality

Wide range of services and skills

We have everything in-house

Specialist knowledge

ship repair and maintenance

Kooiman Marine Group specializes in the repair of all possible inland vessels, seagoing vessels, work ships, pusher boats and tugboats and fishing vessels. We supply services for classification, damage repair, modifications, preventive maintenance and (sale) inspections. Kooiman Marine Group repairs all possible damage to propeller shafts, shafts, rudders, engines and other systems. Likewise, we carry out metalwork to repair damage to the hull, surface, bilges, bow, etc. Thanks to our many years of experience and mutual cooperation, Kooiman Marine Group is able to repair even the most complicated damage expertly.

wide range of services

Craftsmanship and an eye for quality form the basis of ships made precisely to size, expert repairs and reliable maintenance.

thinking in terms of possibilities

Kooiman Marine Group displays its entrepreneurial mindset in the nautical sector. We are an independent group of multidisciplinary shipyards with a huge capacity for problem solving.


Kooiman Marine Group

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