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expert maintenance, repair and overhaul

The locations of all three shipyards offer easy access for ship repairs. Besides newbuild and conversions, Kooiman Marine Group also performs all possible major and minor ship repairs, overhaul and maintenance.


Kooiman Marine Group specializes in the repair of all possible inland vessels, seagoing vessels, work ships, pusher boats and tugboats and fishing vessels. We supply services for classification, damage repair, modifications, preventive maintenance and (sale) inspections. Kooiman Marine Group repairs all possible damage to propeller shafts, shafts, rudders, engines and other systems. Likewise, we carry out metalwork to repair damage to the hull, surface, bilges, bow, etc. Thanks to our many years of experience and mutual cooperation, Kooiman Marine Group is able to repair even the most complicated damage expertly.

ship repair at Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee Dordrecht The Netherlands

Location Zwijndrecht

Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman BV is located at the Swinhaven in Zwijndrecht, on the Oude Maas, and thus offers easy access from the main rivers of the Netherlands and the port of Rotterdam area. This shipyard has a 150-metre long outfitting quay, two propeller docks with a 1,000 tonnes lifting capacity, and slipways of 110 metres in length with a lifting capacity up to 1,700 tonnes. One of the slipways has been extended into the shipbuilding hall. This allows ship repairs to be made under cover.

More information about the Zwijndrecht location


Location Dordrecht

Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee is located at the 1st Merwedehaven in Dordrecht, a strategic location and with very easy access from the main rivers of the Netherlands and the port of Rotterdam area. This shipyard has a 150-metre long transverse slipway with a lifting capacity up to 4,200 tonnes. Repairs can be carried out here simultaneously on several seagoing vessels and inland vessels. Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee also has a 275-metre outfitting quay, a 135-metre jetty, a propeller dry dock and various section halls.

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Location Yerseke

Shipyard Kooiman Van Os is situated on the Julianahaven in Yerseke, with good access from the Oosterschelde and also within an acceptable distance of Antwerp. For many skippers it is the trusted address for building and renovation, repairs and maintenance of mainly fishing boats, tugboats, work ships and passenger charter ships. Shipyard Kooiman Van Os has four horizontal slipways, two of which are covered.

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wide range of services

Craftsmanship and an eye for quality form the basis of ships made precisely to size, expert repairs and reliable maintenance.

thinking in terms of possibilities

Kooiman Marine Group displays its entrepreneurial mindset in the nautical sector. We are an independent group of multidisciplinary shipyards with a huge capacity for problem solving.


maritime design

ship newbuild

ship renovation and conversion

ship repair and maintenance

electrical engineering

ship interiors

pipe fitting

shipbuilding, section building, construction work

engineering works


ship design, maritime design and engineering at Kooiman Marine Group pipe fitting at cnc tube bending machine at Kooiman Marine Group shipbuilding, section building and construction work at Kooiman Marine Group ships newbuild and ship construction at Kooiman Marine Group ship renovation and ship conversion at Kooiman Marine Group engineering workshop and metalworking shop at Kooiman Marine Group hvac services and engineering at Kooiman Marine Group The Netherlands ship repair and ship maintenance at Kooiman Marine Group electrical engineering at Kooiman Marine Group ship interiors by Kooiman Marine Group The Netherlands

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