BNR 170 - Edenvale

double propelled mussel dredger fishing over the stern

Kooiman Marine Group has a history of innovative solutions. Most of those are widely dispersed in the mussel sector. On the fishing boat ‘Edenvale’, a mussel ship for an Irish company, Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman BV built a new fishing system on the stern with special dredges which can be opened at the bottom for unloading the catch.

This new fishing system consists of two independent fishing arms which can be moved electrically. A fishing winch is mounted on each arm for hauling and veering out the dredges. The arms are like two large fishing rods which ensure that the fishing dredges can be hoisted aboard over the drain bins, but which can also hold the fishing lines low enough above the water to permit extremely precise fishing with the dredges.

If only a little rope is paid out with the low pulling point, only a little rope will be hauled in, which not only shortens the fishing cycle but also minimizes damage to the mussel bed. The fishing arms and the winches are driven by electric engines by means of sturdy reduction gearboxes, so that fishing is fast and noiseless.

Shipyard Kooiman adapted the traditional mussel dredges for this new fishing system by adding a large flap or several small sluices in the bottom, so that they can discharge the load of mussels or mussel seed from the bottom.

The catch is transported under the wheel house to the mussel holds, but before the mussels are discharged into the holds, loose or in big-bags, irregularities can be removed on a 6-metre sorting belt under the wheel house, housed in an area well protected against wind and weather. This ensures a clean catch and a well protected crew.


Double propelled mussel dredger fishing over the stern


  • Length over all 40,00 m
  • Length BPP 36,75 m
  • Beam (mld.) 9,00 m
  • Depth 3,20 m
  • Draught 1,00 m (with 100% consumables)


  • Main engines 2x Caterpillar C18 356 kW at 1800 rpm
  • Reintjes reduction gear WAF 144 reduction 2,957:1
  • Bow thruster Veth Electric bow thruster 280 kW


  • Caterpillar C18 410 kW at 1800 rpm with 500 kVA Leroy-Somer alternator
  • 1x hatz silent pack with 30 kVA alternator


  • Fish winches 2 Brevini winches each 5 ton at 60m/min and 1,5 ton at 120 m/min, 210 m 16 mm wire in 6 layers driven by a 45 kW E-motor
  • Fish arms 2 fish arms, designed and built by Gebr. Kooiman driven by 45 kW E-motors and through Brevini reductions
  • Deck crane Double D marine equipment B.V.
  • Heila hydraulic knuckle boom marine crane HLRM 13-2S

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