Pipe fitting

flexible disciplines

Kooiman Marine Group has its own pipe fitting department. This is where we make the piping for our own production process, or piping assemblies for third parties. We can work efficiently and deliver fast, thanks to our modern range of machinery.

Photogrammetry is used to measure up existing spaces. 3D modelling helps us measure piping and make production drawings. Our services also include customer assembly of piping, welding of pipes and flanges, and installation on site, including brackets.



  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pipes
  • Piping for loading and unloading systems
  • Bilge, deck wash and ballast pipes
  • Jet water and dredging pipes
  • Oil and fuel pipes
  • Grey and black water pipes
  • Cooling water and air pipes
  • Piping for ballast water treatment systems



  • CNC tube bending machines, type Transfluid DB40120 and DB2060 3A
  • Swager and flaring machine
  • Preassembly machine for cutting ring connections
  • CNC tube bending machine - metric pipe: ø12 mm to 75 mm
  • CNC tube bending machine - Imperial pipe: DN25 ø33.7 to DN100 ø114.3