SCR Systems

downtime for installation is kept to a minimum

The requirements for exhaust fumes are becoming increasingly strict. More and more skippers are preparing for this by equipping their vessels with selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Selective catalytic reduction reduces the emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and combats harmful emissions. It removes nitrogen oxide (NOx) from the exhaust system. That is why the NOx content produced by the engine may be slightly higher than that of an exhaust system without selective catalytic reduction. This improves combustion and thus results in greater efficiency.

Kooiman Marine Group fits main engines with these SCR catalytic converters. 3D scanning equipment is used to measure the available space in advance. The required materials, such as piping, are prefabricated to size. The idle time for building-in is kept to a minimum. If required, building in (parts) on site is also possible.


  • NOx reduction
  • Fuel saving
  • Subsidy opportunities
  • Sustainable
  • Low maintenance
  • Discount op port tariffs Rotterdam