Ship newbuild

customer-specific building and supervising

Kooiman Marine Group has successfully delivered more than 200 newbuild vessels to satisfied customers. The group designs, engineers and builds to customer specifications, with the customer’s wishes forming the key element. The ships we produce are sturdy, satisfy class requirements and are characterized by technical complexity and a high standard of finish. Furthermore, we continually invent and develop new innovative solutions to improve the functionality and use of the ship. The ships of Kooiman Marine Group have definitely introduced a new standard in various niche markets.






  • Design and engineering
  • Shipbuilding, repairs and maintenance
  • Port facilities
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Tools and equipment, such as Towing Pins, Anchor and Coupling winches, push barge components, telescopic spud poles, propeller shaft seals
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)



  • Maritime Design
  • Ship renovations and conversions
  • Ship newbuild
  • Ship repair and maintenance
  • Electrical engineering and HVAC department
  • Interior carpentry work
  • Pipe Fitting and Banking
  • Steel and aluminum construction



  • Years of experience
  • High quality standard
  • Wide range of services and capabilities
  • We have everything under one roof
  • Expert knowledge


Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman nieuwbouw hybride patrouillevaartuigen

Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman bouwt twee nieuwe hybride aluminium patrouillevaartuigen, de POA 1 en de POA 2. Vanaf volgend jaar patrouilleren de Port Authority Officers ook vanop het water. Deze nieuwe handhavingsvaartuigen kunnen elektrisch, in hybride of op diesel varen. Een uniek systeem dat zorgt voor minder brandstofverbruik en een minimale CO2-uitstoot. Zo zorgt Port of Antwerp voor een duurzame en veilige haven.

Collaboration with Van Oord, building two water injection dredgers

De twee klant specifiek ontworpen en gebouwde Water Injection Dredgers (WID) ‘Maas’ en ‘Mersey’ zijn op 30 juni gedoopt bij het kantoor van Van Oord in Rotterdam. De schepen zijn twee ‘state-of-the-art’ WID’s voor Van Oord die Kooiman Marine Group in opdracht heeft. In deze video spreken Maarten Kooiman (manager engineering bij Kooiman Marine Group) en Rick Jansen (project manager bij Van Oord) over de samenwerking en totstandkoming van deze schepen. --- The christening ceremony of the two custom designed and custom build Water Injection Dredgers (WID) ‘Maas’ and ‘Mersey’ took place on the 30th of June at the office of Van Oord in Rotterdam. The ships are two state-of-the-art WID’s which Van Oord has ordered at the shipyard. In this video Maarten Kooiman (engineering manager at Kooiman Marine Group) and Rick Jansen (project manager at Van Oord) talk about the collaboration and realization of these dredgers