Designing a lasting future

Commitment with heart and soul for the maritime industry

Sustainability in our existence

Kooiman Marine Group is a company with a rich history and originally a real family business. The fact that Kooiman has existed for over 135 years is the result of collaboration. Cooperation with our customers, but also with each other. By further developing and investing in product innovation, sustainable facilities and training, we are where we are today.

Sustainability for us does not only reflect on the environmental aspects of the concept, but also the organization continues to exist. We do this by continuously investing in people, the environment and technology.

Sustainability in our work

With several locations, Kooiman Marine Group has a long history in the various facets and sectors of shipbuilding. Over the years we have also gained a lot of experience in the field of sustainability. We apply various techniques to reduce energy consumption and emissions in every way. Think of sustainable ship design and developments such as Stage V engines, LNG, hydrogen and hybrid drives.

Sustainable Ship Design

With newbuild ships there are several options for reducing consumption. This can be achieved, for example, through efficient design, use of other materials and screw adjustments.


Sustainability for our people

Sustainability for our people means investing in our people. We do this through our own practice centre, the Kooiman practice centre. Our own school. The Kooiman practice center (KPC) is located on Lindtsedijk in Zwijndrecht. Here we train BBL students and (new) colleagues and teach them the basic practical skills needed at our locations.

With the Kooiman practice center we invest in the preservation of one of the traditional crafts, shipbuilding. A craft we have been familiar with since 1884. A craft with a great responsibility behind it. In practice, a mistake on the water can have major consequences, which is why we consider investing in our people all the more important.