Mission and vision

the result of working together

Kooiman Marine Group - the result of cooperation We are an independent group of multidisciplinary shipbuilders with a huge capacity for problem solving and a rich history. Craftsmanship and an eye for quality form the basis of ships made precisely to size. We offer efficient, complete services in the maritime field. All disciplines are covered; we can take on complex projects and meet international standards.

We are independent and chart our own course. We create our own market with our own designs and innovations. As a group, we attach great value to the exchange and support of knowledge and experience. Together we are stronger, and we are proud of each other’s results. Furthermore, we believe in a strong customer relationship in which we excel at listening to and thinking together with our customers. Together we arrive at well thought-out tailor-made solutions which stand out due to their functionality and innovativeness. We can do that because our flexible mentality enables us to navigate outside the normal frameworks for specific customers and situations.

With our entrepreneurial spirit we respond to new trends, markets and developments. Development and investment in product innovation, engineering, sustainable facilities and training are thus obvious activities we undertake continually. Our pursuit of results means we have satisfied customers who keep coming back to us, we strive for high quality standards in every phase of design, implementation, finish and service, and we deliver progressive and distinctive value in the maritime sector.

Key figures

Kooiman Marine Group

  • is situated at 3 strategic locations in the Netherlands
  • jointly has almost 500 years’ experience in ship repair and newbuild
  • offers direct employment to around 200 people, not counting temporary workers
  • has approximately 12,000 m2 slipway capacity
  • has approximately 1,000 m quays and jetties
  • performs more than 300 dry dockings annually (not counting propeller docks)
  • annual repairs to seagoing and inland vessels add up to many times more than the number of dry dockings
  • more than 200 newbuild vessels have been delivered already