A rich history

the result of working together

Kooiman Marine Group is a real family business with a rich history. The family values remain in force through to the current day. It was 1884 when Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman BV was established. This was at the location of company Helling- en Timmerwerf Van der Pijpen, which had set up in the 17th century on the Ringdijk in Zwijndrecht. Aert Gilissen Van der Pijpen (1609-1652) was shipyard owner and bailiff of Zwijndrecht. This shipyard was acquired by Visser in the 18th century and by Dirk Kooiman in 1884. The name Kooiman has been linked with the company ever since.

The company did good business on the Ringdijk for more than ninety years. But it became increasingly difficult to work effectively as ships became larger and larger. A larger premises was occupied on the Swinhaven in 1975. The company expanded from 2,200 m2 to an area of 14,000 m2. This included two slipways, one of which runs right through into the hall. The shipyard concentrates mainly on building, repairing, lengthening, widening and renovating ships, adjusting and building in engines and carpentry.

Kooiman provides many services to mussel vessels for fishermen from the province of Zeeland. The shipyard Van Os Yerseke BV was acquired in 1995 to reinforce these activities. Shipyard Van Os Yerseke BV also has a long history, starting with its establishment in 1885. This shipyard focuses mainly on repairs, maintenance and conversions for the fishing fleet. In 2016, Van Os changed its name to Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV.

Shipyard Hoebee BV in Dordrecht was set up in 1815, operating from the Lijnbaan in Dordrecht. After the 1953 flood disaster, the shipyard had to be rebuilt. A brand-new shipyard was constructed at Merwedestraat in Dordrecht. Kooiman took over this shipyard in 1984. A large, modern transverse slipway was constructed in 2012, making it possible to service other types of vessels. Kooiman designed this structure entirely in-house. In 2016, Shipyard Hoebee BV changed its name to Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee BV.

At Kooiman Marine Group, the old-fashioned craftsmanship is still in our blood, and yet at the same time we have kept up with modernization and investments in technology, professionals and facilities.


1884: Dirk Kooiman takes over the existing Visser shipyard on the Ringdijk in Zwijndrecht

1975: Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman shifts from the Ringdijk to Lindtsedijk 84 (Swinhaven) in Zwijndrecht

1984: Acquisition of Shipyard Hoebee in Dordrecht (now: Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee BV)

1988: Establishment of Kooiman Engineering BV, our own ship design agency

1995: Acquisition of Shipyard Van Os Yerseke BV in Yerseke (now: Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV)

1999: Acquisition of the activities of Van Eijk Haveninrichtingen (now: Kooiman Harbour Equipment)

2000: Acquisition of some of the activities of Shipyard De Biesbosch

2002: Acquisition of Technisch Buro Mous BV in Dordrecht (now: Kooiman Ship Electric BV)

2004: Acquisition of the activities of Joh. van Duijvendijk in Krimpen aan den Ijssel