Kooiman Engineering

innovative solutions and practical applications

Kooiman Engineering BV is a dynamic design agency with a broad scope. Kooiman Engineering produces complete ships designs, specifications, structural strength calculations and other calculations, lines plans, (hull) sheet layouts and cutting files, working drawings for propeller shafts, steering gear and other systems, isometric dimensional drawings for piping and interior drawings.

The engineers work with a number of up-to-date drawing and calculation systems, using these to determine sheet layouts and lengths and make calculations for tank volumes, careen, intact stability, damage stability and emptying of hoppers.

Kooiman Engineering BV stands out thanks to its practical, no-nonsense approach. Kooiman Engineering BV provides services mainly to group companies and third parties. Working close to the practical situations, listening properly to the customers and understanding the situations enables Kooiman, together with the customer, to arrive at practical, functional and even innovative solutions; not only concerning the ship, but also for deck and auxiliary equipment, unloading systems, fishing methods, cranes, conveyor belts, coupling systems and spud poles.

Kooiman Engineering BV enters into contracts according to the General Yard Conditions of the Netherlands Shipbuilding Industry Association (VNSI) (version 31 December 2018).

Kooiman Engineering BV

  • Shipbuilders, equipment builders, industrial designers
  • AutoCAD, NX SIEMENS 3D modelling, Nupas Cadmatic, PIAS Stability calculations
  • Digital measurements using photogrammetry
  • Design of a wide variety of customized vessels
  • Construction supervision in the Netherlands and abroad


Contact information

Lindtsedijk 84
3336 LE Zwijndrecht

T: +31 (0)78 61 00 477
F: +31 (0)78 61 00 039