Shipyard Kooiman Van Os

precision in size - expert maintenance, repair and overhaul

Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV is located on the Julianahaven in Yerseke with a direct connection to the Oosterschelde. This gives it good access from the waterways of Zeeland and also puts it within an acceptable distance of Antwerp.

For many skippers it is the trusted address for building and renovation, repairs and maintenance of fishing boats, pushers and tugboats, inspection vessels, inland vessels, passenger charter ships, houseboats, yachts and work pontoons.

The shipyard has two horizontal internal slipways and two horizontal external slipways. Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV has been part of the Kooiman Marine Group since 1995, and thus has a design agency and extensive production facilities, such as an engineering workshop and carpentry shop, at its disposal. Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV also produces the Kooiman spud poles.

Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV enters into contracts according to the General Yard Conditions of the Netherlands Shipbuilding Industry Association (VNSI) (version 31 December 2018).

Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV

  • 4 longitudinal slipways to 350 tonnes
  • Shipbuilding hall 50x12 metres
  • Pretreatment hall 30x10 metres
  • Machines for processing piping to 2”
  • Internal crane capacity of 2x10 tonnes and 2x8 tonnes
  • External crane capacity with movable tower crane of 8 tonnes
  • Floating jetty with space for 2x40 metres


Contact information

Dregweg 6
4401 LD Yerseke

T: +31 (0)113 57 14 47
F: +31 (0)113 57 44 31