BNR 178 - Andre-B

twin screw chine strake hull multi-purpose anchor handling tugboat

Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman BV delivered the tugboat Andre-B commissioned by Bouwman Marine Service (BMS) Holding BV. The design agency of Kooiman Marine Group, Kooiman Engineering, designed the tugboat in collaboration with the client according to the specifications and requirements of the customer. Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee in Dordrecht built the hull of the Andre-B and Shipyard Kooiman Van Os in Yerseke supplied the superstructure, the aluminium wheel house and the mast.

Andre-B is a conventional tugboat with an open stern for offshore work and anchor handling activities and capable of taking anchors on board. The vessel is certified to sail all over the world. The vessel has two propellers with fixed nozzles. Two fishtail rudder blades are mounted behind each nozzle, with a total of four rudders. The port and starboard rudders can be operated independently of each other.

The engine room contains the main engines, generators, hydraulic set, a range of pumps, and a fresh water maker with a capacity of 3.5 m3 per 24 hours. One of the generators has extra cooling for use when the vessel is moored in port. Two Mitsubishi 16-cylinder diesel engines of type S16R-MPTK supply power for the propulsion. The engines have a power of 2 x 1,250 kW (2 x 1,700 bhp) at 1,600 rpm. Each engine supplies the power via a Reintjes reverse reduction gearbox WAF 763 with a ratio of 5,750:1 to the propellers. The vessel is equipped with a hydraulic Verhaar Omega VB-1100-330 kW transverse thruster with a capacity of 330 kW. Two generator sets with Mitsubishi 6D16 diesel engines and Stamford generators each deliver 71.5 kVA. There is a storage room and workshop. The last compartment contains the hydraulic system of the pins and the engines for the rudder.

The cabins for the crew are in the forecastle. There are two one-person cabins, each with sanitary facilities, for the captain and chief engineer. Another two one-person beds and two two-person cabins with sanitary facilities are located on the forecastle. The accommodation and the entire superstructure are equipped with air-conditioning.



Twin screw chine strake hull multi-purpose anchor handling tugboat


  • Length o.a.: 31.10 m
  • Beam (mld): 9.50 m
  • Depth: 3.60 m
  • Free deck space: 120 m² with 2×20′ feet container fittings, reefer plug available


  • Main engines: 2x 1700 pk Mitsubishi
  • Bow thruster: 300 kW 450 pk
  • Propulsion: Twin screw in Hodi nozzles- Van Voorden diameter 2.10 mtr.
  • Rudders: 4 fishtail rudders – 2 fishtail rudders behind each propeller undependably controlled


  • Hydraulics: 1 x 410 Kw Mitsubishi for Hydraulic drive
  • Electric supply: 2 x 71 kVa Mitsubishi


  • Towing equipment: Hydraulic towing winch with a pulling force of approx 40 ton holding force 60 ton, 2 drums, one with 700 mtr of 38 mm steelwire one with 400 mtr 38 mm steel wire
  • Stern roller
  • Hydraulic towing pins swl 70 ton with wire catcher
  • Hydraulic pins beside stern roller as wire catcher
  • Rubber fender push bow diameter80 cm
  • Heila crane type HRLM 200 mt- 4 SL max 9.5 tons 15.75 mtr. remote controlled


  • Crew: 5 persons – 24 hrs
  • Accommodation: 8 persons fully air-conditioned
  • Classification: L.O.R.S. deep-sea no restrictions 100 A1 tug

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