BNR 180 - Brent

twin screw z-drive chine strake hull tugboat with stern roll

Iskes Towing & Salvage, located in IJmuiden since 1928, has expanded its fleet of eleven tugboats with two new additions: Brent and Ginger. Both vessels were built by Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman according to a design by Robert Allan from Vancouver, Canada. The steel hull and superstructure were built in the Azim Shipyard, which is located in Eregli, Turkey. After the steel work was completed, the hull was towed to Zwijndrecht for further fitting out.

The Brent was delivered in 2009, followed by the Ginger in 2010. Both tugboats have a bollard pull of 80 tonnes, making them the most powerful tugboats in the Iskes fleet. Iskes Towing & Salvage turned to Kooiman Marine Group for the construction of the new vessels due to our reputation for high quality and finish. The tugboats will at first be stationed in IJmuiden for port towing services, but are fully equipped for worldwide operations in the offshore industry.

The Brent and Ginger were built according to the design of a RAmparts 3200-W ASD Class tugboat of Robert Allan Ltd. This marine architectural agency is best known for its tugboats, fast patrol boats, fireboats and shallow-draught vessels. The design of the Brent is characterized by two azimuth propellers, a double chine hull, a stern roll and firefighting equipment. Bilge keels reduce the rolling motion. A large skeg mounted towards the bow improves the sailing properties during towing.

The lower deck is divided into six watertight compartments: 

  • aft deck with ballast tanks
  • Z-drive compartment
  • middle hold surrounded by large L-shaped fuel tanks
  • engine room with the control room and electrical room
  • boiler room with water pump, UV sterilizer and bow thruster
  • forepeak


The middle deck has the crew compartments with laundry and storage room. On the main deck level, the accommodation living quarters for the chief engineer and captain, the mess room and the galley. The walls, ceilings and furniture are made from plywood and Promarine sheets with Resopal HPL, supplied by Drumarkon. The fire doors are of the Alvedoor type. The accommodation is equipped with a central air-conditioning system.

The vessels reach a top speed of 13 knots with a bollard pull of 80 tonnes. The power sources are two ABC model 12DZC engines, each with a capacity of 2,650 kW at 1,000 rpm. The engines are started by compressed air. The power is transferred to the Z-drive through a drive with two cardan shaft couplings, so that the main engines can be positioned lower and far towards the bow, in the midship. The Z-drives are azimuth thrusters by Wärtsilä, of the type CS 275-S7WN-K. Each of them can turn 360 degrees with a hydraulic steering system, creating excellent manoeuvrability. The bow thruster is a Voith Inline Thruster of the type 850-200. This bow thruster is based on new technology, also known as rim-drive thruster. It is a magnetic electric motor with propeller blades on the inside of the rotor. This system has no seals and is equipped with water-lubricated bearings. The device is more environmentally friendly, because it contains no oils which can leak.

These tugboats have a powerful winch on the fore deck, as well as on the aft deck. The winch can pull up to 80 tonnes at the front of the vessel and is used in combination with a double opening on the bow. It is also used for the two anchors. The winch on the aft deck also has a pulling power of 80 tonnes and has a 250-tonne brake. Both winches are electrically driven, require almost no maintenance and were supplied by Ridderinkhof. The two winches are double drums; each drum has a 250-T brake. Each winch is driven by a 175 kW electric engine. This results in a pulling power of 40 tonnes for the mooring winches and 80 tonnes for the back winch. The great power makes the speed and acceleration of the winches extraordinary.


Twin screw Z-drive chine strake hull tugboat with stern roll 


  • Length o.a.: 33.10 m
  • Beam (mld): 12.00 m
  • Depth: 5.40 m
  • Navigation draught: 6.10 m


  • Main engines: 2x ABC engines, type 12VDZC  2650kW at 1000 rpm
  • Propulsion: 2x Azimuth propulsion through Wartsila CPP in Lips nozzle (Z-drive)
  • Bow thruster: VOITH / AIR electrically drive in-line thruster, 200kW, type ILT850-160, thrust 3 tonne-force


  • Supplied by Sandfirden:
  • 2x SCANIA DI-12 62M, 280kW bij 1500 rpm (with 250 kVA Stamford generators)
  • 1x SISU type 420DSRG, 70kW bij 1500 rpm (harbour set)


  • Towing winches: 2x double drum, electrically driven, made by Ridderinkhof
  • Bow: Type AMW-E-193, pull 80 ton, hold force 250 tonnes
  • Aft: Type TW-E-800, pull 80 ton, hold force 250 tonnes with harbour wire drum and sea wire drum
  • Tuggerwinch: pull 10 ton
  • Crane: hydraulical marine knuckle boom crane, Promac AK40 E4


  • Design: Robert Allen LTD
  • Type: RAmparts 3200W Class ASD tug
  • Bollard pull: 80 tonnes

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