BNR 185 - Onderneming

single screw inland hopper barge

Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee in Dordrecht was commissioned by M.W. Trouwborst to deliver the newbuild hopper barge Onderneming. The Onderneming measures 86 x 9.50 metres and has a loading capacity of 2,009 tonnes. It is a design from Kooiman Engineering which is developed from earlier Van Duijvendijk vessels.

The hull was built on order of Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee by the Serbian Bomex4M shipyard. The fitting out and finishing took place at Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee. This resulted in a relatively high loading capacity and a relatively high sailing speed in relation to the installed power.


The aft accommodation has a pressure differential system, necessary for the transport of contaminated dredged material. The wheel house has an adjustable superstructure. The height of the wheel house can also be adjusted in its entirety around 70 cm by means of hydraulic cylinders.

The midship has a depth of 4 metres, which creates the large freeboard desirable for a hopper barge. The fore and aft hold bulkheads have dump valves with hydraulic slides. The hopper floor has two drains with a total of four drainage pipes. The inner bottom is made from the strong and resilient Hardox steel, which also saves weight. A covered garage is located on the foredeck, with a 15-metre car crane.


Single screw inland hopper barge


  • Length over all 86,00 m
  • Beam over all 9,50 m
  • Depth 4,00 m


  • Main engine 1x Mitsubishi S12A2- MPTK
  • Output 850 bhp at 1940 rpm
  • Gearbox 1x Reintjes WAF 364, red. 6,084:1
  • Propulsion 1x Wartsila 5-blade tiprake propeller Ø 1650 mm
  • Bow thruster 1x van Wijk SD-1000C driven by DAF 394 bhp at 2000 rpm 


  • Generator sets 1x 30 kVa Hatz and 1x 60 kVa Iveco


  • Spuds on fore- and aft ship, hydraulic driven


  • Tank top made of ‘Hardox’ steel
  • Fixed deckhouse on fore- and aft ship

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