BNR 191 - Norne

twin screw tugboat with stern roll and push bow ice class 1c

Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman in Zwijndrecht has built a powerful and multifunctional anchor handling tugboat named Norne. The vessel was commissioned by Koerts International Towing Service. This family business dates back to 1977 and already had experience with Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman through the Viking, a tugboat built by the yard. The owner was extremely satisfied with the performance of the Viking, which is used for towing offshore platforms and for assistance and anchor handling at various wind farm projects. However, the need for a second, larger vessel arose. All the experience with the previous vessel came together for the newbuild, thanks to close cooperation between owner Captain Jan Koerts and the design department Kooiman Engineering.

With a preference for working in deep water, the Norne was developed as a larger version of the Viking, which in contrast has a preference for working in shallow waters. This resulted in a hull which is 0.9 metres higher, one metre wider and four metres longer. The added four metres of hull length created a hydrodynamically superior hull with sufficient deck space for carrying two 40-foot or three 20-foot containers. Although the engine power is identical to that of the Viking, the deeper immersion of the propellers and the sleeker hull line create greater bollard pull. Since the gearboxes could now be supplied with a higher reduction ratio (1/5), larger propellers with a diameter of 2.8 metres were installed without any danger of excessive cavitation.

The Norne has a 1C Ice Class rating, which is good for the insurance when working in polar regions. Long bilge keels have been fitted to reduce the rolling motion at sea. The hull is double chined with mainly flat surface plating. The anchors are well recessed in the hull to avoid damaging other vessels. Besides anchor handling and towing, the Norne will also be used frequently for delivering fuel and water to offshore platforms, within the boundaries of what is permissible.



Twin screw tugboat with stern roll and push bow ice class 1c


  • Length O.A. 34.30 m
  • Beam (mld) 11.00 m
  • Depth 5.00 m
  • Low draught 4.05 m


  • Main engines: 2x Mitsubishi S12U-MPTK, 2014 kW at 1016 r.p.m. and 2205 kW at 1150 r.p.m.
  • ZF reverse gears W 17150 reductie 5,522:1
  • Bow thruster: Verhaar VB-1100 electrical bow thruster 330 kW


  • 1x Mitsubishi S6R-MPTK 605 kW at 1800 r.p.m. (pump motor)
  • 2x Mitsubishi 6D16T 120 kVA at 1500 r.p.m. (generator set)


  • Towing winch Kraaijeveld
  • KAB-1-H-24D/24D/TR, bollard pull 83,1 tonne
  • Deck crane Double D marine equipment B.V.
  • Heila, hydraulic knuckle boom marine crane HLRM 200-4SL, remote controlled
  • Towing pins: Gebr. Kooiman B.V.

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