BNR 196 - Kraanvogel

multifunctional inland navigation crane vessel

Kooiman Marine Group was commissioned by Bagger- en overslagbedrijf M&M Heuvelman BV to deliver the MKS Kraanvogel. It is a multifunctional and innovative crane ship equipped with a crane which can lift 60 tonnes with a 32-metre boom, a stabilization system with three spud poles, and the first CCR phase 2 certified propulsion engines: two Cummins QSK 19-M engines. Beautiful accommodation with a real afterhold, which creates a lot of extra living space.

The design was produced by the Kooiman Engineering design agency, where Arie van Duijvendijk designed the ship and put it on paper, based on his experience with crane ships built earlier. A special ship with exceptionally perfect finishing, delivered by Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee.


The most striking feature is the gigantic crane which makes this vessel so special. It is a PLM crane supplied by BTC Cranes BV from Oude Tonge. A custom-made crane with a 32-metre boom and yet low enough, when struck, to use the vessel on the German canals with an air draught of 4.20 metres. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 60 tonnes, for which the hoisting winch and closing winch have to be linked. The standard design of each winch is for 45 tonnes tractive power. In practice, however, this large lifting power can only reach just beside the vessel to 10 metres from the crane and close over the bow. The crane also has an industrial model Cummins QSK 19-C drive engine, which runs at a constant speed with the blower fully active. Whenever the hydraulic pumps require more power, it is immediately available. In that case, the engine immediately supplies up to 760 HP.

The crane is also equipped with a vibratory hammer for vibrating in dolphins. The bin walls and load floor are made from 10-mm Hardox. The crane ship has three sturdy telescopic spud poles, two of which are on the aft ship and keep the vessel in position during activities. They are operated by telescopic hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders allow the poles to be stayed to a maximum depth of 11.50 metres on the riverbed. The telescopic model of the poles also ensures that the poles never extend beyond the air draught.

The surface of the gangway had to be absolutely impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, since experience had proven that no kind of paint can withstand the conditions and falling stones create a lot of damage. Smits Neuchatel supplied a rubber mortar for this purpose. It was brought by a concrete mixer and applied in a 22-mm layer over the epoxy paint which had been applied during the building of the hull.


Multifunctional inland navigation crane vessel


  • Length o.a. 86,00 m
  • Width 11.45 m
  • Depth 2.97 m
  • Tonnage 1681 tonnes
  • Content 1100 m3


  • Main engines 2 X 750 PK CUMMINS QSK 19
  • Total output 3040 pk / 1800 rpm
  • Propulsion Zdrive’s
  • Bow thrusters 535 PK


  • Generator sets 35 KVA / 50 KVA / 111 KVA


  • Three spud poles telescope hydraulic cylinder up to 11.60 extendable on rear and front
  • Crane PLM 20 20
  • Boom length 32 m
  • Own weight 143 t
  • Engine 750 hp Cummins QSK 19
  • Crane mobile 58 m over the ship
  • Grip company 20 t on 20 m flight
  • Lifting company 45 t on 12 m / 30 t on 17 m / 25 t on 19 m / 15 t at 25 m / 8 t on 32 m
  • Dredger computer


  • At 2.00 m depth 783 t
  • At 2.20 m draft 965 t
  • At 2.80 m draft 1521 t
  • Height empty approx. 5.30 m
  • Height 4.20 m at 2.30 m draft


  • Over Length 58 m
  • Over Width 8.50 m
  • Feed 2 sandpits
  • 2 x ballast jet 400m3 / p / h

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