BNR 206 - Zwerver II

multi purpose dp-2 support vessel

Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman BV delivers a new multi-purpose DP-2 support vessel to customer HvS Dredging Support BV in Harlingen. Thanks to close cooperation between HvSDS and Kooiman Marine Group, a number of major, innovative solutions were devised and implemented, giving this vessel, the new ‘Zwerver II’, the capacity to serve the top end of the market segment.

The vessel is equipped with DP II, 4-point mooring, a 510 Tm crane with Active Heave Compensated winch, a conventional crane of 370 Tm and a Passive Heave Compensated gangway for putting personnel on wind turbines and platforms. The pulling power of the vessel is around 65 T, which is exceptional in this class with its draught of only 2.7 metres.

The vessel was designed and built under Bureau Veritas and will sail under the Dutch flag. The vessel is highly versatile and can be put to many uses, especially in the offshore and the renewables markets with services such as dredging support, anchor handling, cable laying, cable excavation, diving support, ROV support and many other activities.

The accommodation has MLC certification and can house 14 persons. This number can be increased to 18 persons by using the accommodation containers present, so that apart from the crew of the ship, 12 specialized personnel members can work and stay on the vessel.

Kooiman previously developed and delivered Zwerver I (2007) and Zwerver III (2011) jointly with HvSDS. Zwerver II was delivered in the spring of 2016.


Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel


  • Length O.A.: 35.10 m
  • Beam (mld): 15.00 m
  • Depth: 4.07 m
  • Low draught: 3.00 m


  • Main engines: 3x Mitsubishi S12R-MPTaw, 940 kW at 1600 r.p.m.
  • Reintjes reverse gears WAF 665
  • Propellers: 2 x Propeller dia 2.0 m in type 37 A tube
  • 1 x Z-drive WM-6111 propeller dia 1.75 m in nozzle
  • Bow thruster: 2x ZF Z-drive AT-4011 propeller, each 400 kW


  • 2 x Mitsubishi S6R MPTAW 605 kW for hydraulic installation
  • 2 x Mitsubishi 6D24TC 204 kVA


  • Towing winch: Kraaijeveld, 100 / 45 tonne pull @ 8 / 16 m/min, holding force: 200 tonne on first layer, wire capacity: 1000 m dia 48 mm
  • Deck crane fore: HS Marine Crane AKC 370 HE3, 10 tonne á 20m, provided with crane winch
  • Deck crane aft: Lagendijk Ofshore crane LKB 510 T3-T1, 11 tonne á 23m,provided with winch, jib SWL 5 tonne, AHC 2,5 tonne, max. outreach 31,90m
  • Towing pins: 2 x set Kooiman Delta-pins with wire catcher for 60 mm, height 600 mm, holding force 100 tonne on upper side, 1 set at the stern roll, and 1 set at the bow roll, next to every set a hydraulic controlled pen, height 600 mm
  • Ancor-handeling winch: Kraaijeveld, 200 / 110 / 50 tonne pull á 8 / 13 / 29 m/min, holding force: 250 tonne on first layer, wire capacity: 1000m dia 64mm
  • Tugger winches: 4 x pull force 15 ton @ 15 m/min, holding force: 30 tonne
  • Acces system: Lagendijk Uptime LGAP 1420, 12m gangway with walk-to-work platform

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