Nieuwe Maze

port of rotterdam authority representation vessel

The Nieuwe Maze, representation vessel of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, underwent a thorough refit from December 2014 to April 2015 at Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman. The vessel is used to receive many national and international business associates, guests and dignitaries and give them a tour of the port of Rotterdam. The Nieuwe Maze has made more than 5,000 voyages thus far, transporting one hundred thousand guests, including many heads of state, government officials and members of the Royal Family. The Nieuwe Maze urgently needed a major overhaul, during which the vessel was also renovated so it can deliver many more years of service.

The activities included renewing the entire interior, including the wheel house where a new bridge console was fitted. The access doors to the bridge deck and main deck were also replaced and the sun lounge, including the windows on the main deck, was installed anew.

The audio video system and the HVAC system on the vessel were replaced. The entire vessel furthermore is painted and handled with anti-foaling.

The vessel was also equipped with a so-called ‘drop air’ air-conditioning system. This system consists of an air treatment unit and an insulated duct system. The conditioned air enters the room through the ‘splintered ceiling’. 

The Nieuwe Maze was brought in via one of our slipways and positioned in the shipbuilding hall so that we could work in a conditioned environment. Due to the extremely short completion time, the work was prepared thoroughly by the Kooiman Engineering design agency. Almost all the other disciplines of the Kooiman Marine Group were called upon to perform the activities as efficiently as possible within the set period. Thus the carpentry work was carried out by our own carpenters, the electrical system was modified by Kooiman Ship Electric and the HVAC system installed by our own installers. For this project too, Kooiman Marine Group was able to offer a total solution.



Representation vessel


  • Replacing the entire interior, including the wheel house
  • Replacing the HVAC system
  • Replacing the access doors to the bridge deck and main deck
  • Replacing the sun lounge, including windows on main deck
  • Replacing the bridge console
  • Replacing the AV system
  • Performing maintenance on the entire ship again

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