Refit Zwerver I in motion

In June 2020, on behalf of Van Stee Offshore, The Kooiman Marine Group completed the refit of a Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel; The Zwerver I. A unique project in which two family businesses joined forces to convert a ship to something that feels brand new in just over 10 months.

Start of work

"The ship arrived at Kooiman and before it was even moored, the first cutting torch was already in it." Arjan van Stee, owner of Van Stee offshore explains. “Everything had to come off the deck, we had to tidy everything up. Access holes were made all over the ship, to make sure every space was accessible during construction”.

“The drawing department worked extremely hard to get the production drawings done as soon as possible", Arjan van der Zegen de Beer, operational director at Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman adds. "Not long afterwards we started producing." This is how Arjan van Stee and Arjan van der Zeggen de Beer describe the start of the project at the shipyard, of which a whole process preceded. Since the purchase of the ship, at the time named the Anna-B, there has been an intensive cooperation.

Entire Process in motion

In this video you can see how in just 10 months the Anna-B has been transformed into the new Zwerver 1. "you slowly work towards the days of the trial run" Arjan van Stee explains at the end. Arjan van der Zegen the Beer concludes; "After the trial run a number of issues occur which need solving and eventually the ship will be ready for delivery and departure to Harlingen ”


Published on: 16 Dec 2021

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