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fishing industry

The fishing industry is important for Kooiman Marine Group. We have wide experience in the building, modification and conversion of fishing vessels. In the shellfish sector (mussels and oysters) in particular, the ‘Kooiman’ cutter is a household word. There are now dozens of vessels which have been designed and built by Kooiman Marine Group. In addition to the mussel cutters, we also have designs for oyster and shrimp vessels.


Besides newbuild, Kooiman Marine Group also has an extensive track record in the modification and conversion, repair and maintenance of fishing vessels. Numerous projects have been carried out for the shellfish sector as well as North Sea fisheries.


The activities performed are mainly:

  • widening
  • lengthening
  • new midships
  • replacement of flat and double bottom
  • redesign of engine rooms and repowering
  • construction of new masts and sheerlegs


We take care of the complete package for all modifications, including activities such as electrical modifications, carpentry, hydraulic modifications, piping and additional mechanical work for rudders and propeller shafts. Kooiman Marine Group does the engineering itself. With a view to sustainability, Kooiman Marine Group develops alternative propulsion methods and produces and installs jibs and spud poles on mussel cutters itself, making the vessels more suitable to use the mussel seed collection systems and suspended mussel culture. This reduces contact with the seabed considerably in relation to traditional collection systems.


Trends in the fishing industry

The North Sea fisheries are undergoing considerable change. The landing obligation does not make it any easier for fishermen. Kooiman Marine Group develops solutions for this together with clients, and if possible, sets up the vessel for other catch, so that in the long term the fishing industry can remain a healthy sector.

design, building, repair and maintenance of fishing boats and fishing vessels by Kooiman Marine Group

customized design and construction per sector


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