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Shipping is an important sector for Kooiman Marine Group, and this is manifested in the development of several seaworthy work ships, cargo ships and tugboats. The infrastructure of the three shipyards has also been set up to be able to serve this sector adequately in repairs and maintenance.

Trends in shipping

Shipping will have to take further tightening of environmental legislation into account, including areas such as ballast water handling, CO2 emission reduction and sound reduction. Kooiman Marine Group is an independent partner in this area and supplies and installs diverse ballast water management systems, SCR systems, scrubber systems and LNG systems. We also have large slipway facilities of 150 metres at an inland waterway location, where seagoing ships can also be dry docked for maintenance and repairs at competitive rates.

repair and maintenance of seaworthy work ships, cargo ships and tugboats on slipways at Kooiman Marine Group KMG

customized design and construction per sector


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