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Kooiman Marine Group

the result of working together


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customer-specific ship design and construction

Kooiman Marine Group - the result of working together. Kooiman Marine Group is an independent group of multidisciplinary shipbuilders with a huge capacity for problem solving. Technical expertise and an eye for quality form the basis for ships made precisely to size. We offer efficient, complete services in the maritime area.


Kooiman Marine Group is independent and charts its own course. We listen and think along with you, and guarantee a strong customer relationship. Together we can arrive at well-considered, tailored solutions which stand out due to their functionality and innovativeness. We can do that because we navigate outside the normal frameworks for specific customers and situations.


With our entrepreneurial spirit we respond to new technologies and developments. Kooiman Marine Group invests continually in product innovation and engineering. We strive for a result, for satisfied repeat customers, and to deliver progressive and distinctive value to the maritime sector.

our possibilities

  • Design and engineering
  • Ship newbuild, repair and maintenance
  • Harbour equipment
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Tools and equipment such as towing pins, anchor and coupling winches, push towing components, telescopic spud poles, propeller shaft seals
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
dredging Reimerswaal dredger bnr 206 Zwerver 2, multi purpose dp-2 support vessel, maritime ship design and shipbuilding by Kooiman Marine Group KMG

multidisciplinary services

  • Maritime design
  • Ship renovation and conversion
  • Ship newbuild
  • Ship repair and maintenance
  • Electrical engineering and HVAC department
  • Interior carpentry work
  • Pipe fitting and metalworking
  • Steel and aluminium construction

the reimerswaal - hopper dredger

6000 m³ Hopper dredger


Take a look at the total project

Zwerver ii - work boat

Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel


Take a look at the total project

on course at full steam

expert maintenance, repair and overhaul of vessels

specifications of services

  • Damage to surface, hull, bilges
  • Renovation of surfaces
  • New midships
  • Lengthening
  • Conversion
  • Bow damage and damage to the stern
  • Repairs to propeller shafts and propellers
  • Repairs to rudder shafts and rudders
  • Repairs to engines, auxiliary engines, winches, cranes
  • Repairs to and modifications of piping

Kooiman Marine Group is highly experienced in the repair of major and minor damage to inland vessels, seagoing vessels and fishing boats. With your vessel in for maintenance or repair on one of our various slipways or in the docks, you will be free of worries and high and dry. Kooiman Marine Group offers a complete package of services at the three shipyards. Besides metalworking and bench work, Kooiman Marine Group can quickly put its own electricians, HVAC technicians and carpenters to work. Short lines of communication and efficient scheduling guarantee fast turnaround, getting you back on course at full steam.

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strategic locations

Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman BV in Zwijndrecht

easy access from the big rivers

Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee BV in Dordrecht

central intersection of the major waterways

Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV in Yerseke

heart of the mussel fishing industry on the Oosterschelde



Maritime design, Ship renovation and conversion, Ship newbuild, Ship repair and maintenance, Electrical engineering, Interior carpentry work, Pipe fitting, Bench work, Steel and aluminium construction, HVAC department


modern slipway facilities, stem-stern docks, construction under cover, design and engineering department, engineering workshop, electrical engineering division, interior carpentry work


Kooiman Marine Group is a far-reaching combination of maritime expertise. Together with Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman B.V., Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee B.V. and Shipyard Kooiman Van Os B.V., Kooiman Marine Group provides service with enthusiasm and technical craftsmanship to everything that sails or floats. Kooiman Marine Group jointly has a rich history and extensive experience in inland shipping, seagoing shipping, the fishing industry and harbour equipment. Kooiman Marine Group develops and builds new, customized ships, renovates existing ships, maintains and repairs damage to hulls, propulsion and other systems.


From the initial design through to the outfitting and delivery, the specific situation and requirements of the customer are the key point for all sections of the group. All projects are carried out in full consultation to ensure effective solutions. Kooiman Marine Group has its own design departments, extensive and modern newbuild and repair facilities, carpentry works, engineering works, pipe fitting facility and an electrical engineering company so that we can deliver high-quality customized work.


Kooiman Marine Group proactive follows the developments in the dynamic shipping sector, and invests in sustainable technological developments and product innovations. Thanks to our stable and autonomous growth, Kooiman Marine Group guarantees a long-term and customer-oriented approach. From delivery to large-scale maintenance, Kooiman Marine Group will always be your expert maritime service provider.


Kooiman Marine Group, the result of working together


ship building and ship section newbuilding in production hall at Kooiman Marine Group

all disciplines on board

maritime design and ship design at Kooiman Marine Group ship building and ship construction at Kooiman Marine Group ship newbuilding at Kooiman Marine Group ship repair and maintenance Kooiman Marine Group electrical engineering and ship electric at Kooiman Marine Group harbour equipment by Kooiman Marine Group
equipment and deckequipment at Kooiman Marine Group ballast water treatment development and implementation at Kooiman Marine Group LNG systems design and implementation Kooiman Marine Group dredger, offshore and dredging boats at Kooiman Marine Group ship repair and maintenance of inland vessles at Kooiman Marine Group ship repair and maintenance Kooiman Marine Group
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Kooiman Marine Group

Lindtsedijk 84

3336LE Zwijndrecht

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